About Rita Ellens Boutique

Rita Ellen opened the boutique in 2003 with a vision to women with affordable, unique fashions in a comfortable, relaxing shopping atmosphere. She designed 1,200 square foot space with that concept in mind – maximizing the feeling and sense of comfort.

Everything from the large spacious dressing rooms to the comfortable lounging areas was designed with the conception mind. This allows the customer to focus on one thing- SHOPPING!

Her goal was also to bring a wide range of cloths, accessories, and other apparel lines together in one cute little shop. She prides herself on having everything from French Dressing Jeans to Spanx, everything from KD to Contemporary clothing to hand crafted jewelry from Sara Bonk and Kieth Lewis

Rita Ellen states that “I want you, our customers, to feel as if you are walking into a home away from home where you can stroll around and shop as if you were at home.”

Rita Ellen’s Boutique

1205 Johnson Ferry RD

Suite 116

Marietta, GA 30068